OCAN Consumer Self-Assessment Portal

OCAN Consumer Self-Assessment (CSA) Portal

This update (4.0.18) supports the launch of the OCAN Consumer Self-Assessment Portal. For organizations that value a client-centred approach to service delivery, the CSA portal is an essential tool in their OCAN implementation. The CSA portal promotes client involvement and allows clients to take an active role in their care.

Clients login to the secure, online portal from any computer with an internet connection, where they access the self-assessment portion of the OCAN record and complete it at their own pace. The completed self-assessment is then submitted to become part of the client’s OCAN record in Pirouette.

This update also includes increased search capabilities for client OCANs, allowing users to track a client’s OCAN status quickly and easily.

The MIS report has been updated to reflect the Ontario Ministry of Health’s 2013/14 MIS reporting changes.