Updates: MIS Reporting, OCAN

MIS Reporting Changes and OCAN Enhancements

This update (4.0.17) introduces a fully upgraded set of MIS data collection and reporting tools to support the Ontario Ministry of Health’s 2012 MIS reporting changes. This includes:

  • new tools to collect data on service provider interactions
  • new tools to report visits or group statistics for programs
  • the list of contact types has been updated and expanded
  • the MIS report has been updated with all the new categories
  • the MIS report now counts a maximum of one client visit per day

For details on how these new tools and features have been implemented in the software, refer to the MIS Reporting Changes manual.

We’ve also added enhanced copy functionality to the OCAN record, so users can now copy data from previous assessments to new assessments of a different type. This feature is managed under Global Preferences, so organizations can choose whether or not to enable it, based on their program needs and requirements.