OCAN: IAR Consent Enhancements

IAR Consent Enhancements

This update (4.0.16) introduces two new features to help you manage IAR consent accurately and effectively. The IAR consent default, available in global preferences, allows you to select the default consent level to be used in the absence of other data. The IAR Consent Assessment, accessed within the client record, allows you to document and track when the client wants the same consent status applied to all future assessments.

Organizations all across Ontario have chosen Pirouette as their OCAN software tool, and many of them are now submitting assessments to IAR on a regular basis. We’re excited about the work that’s been done so far, and we’re pleased to be helping organizations meet their OCAN and IAR “go live” milestones successfully.

Roxy Software is fully accredited by CCIM, and has met all requirements
in the OCAN 2.0 test cycle. To view our test results, go to https://www.ccim.on.ca/IAR/Private/Pages/Technology.aspx and click on the “Vendor Assessment Testing Summary” links.