2011 Updates

November 2011 – OCAN 2.0.7 and IAR Release 3

This update (4.0.15) introduces new consent functionality for the OCAN based on the latest Grant/Deny consent requirements from CCIM. The client consent options are contained directly within the OCAN record, which means:
there’s no need to go elsewhere in the client file to select or view the client’s consent status,
there’s no need for all of the client’s OCAN records to have the same consent status,
you can update the consent status in an OCAN record at any time, without impacting the consent level in other OCANs that have been entered for the client.
Pirouette is fully compliant with OCAN 2.0.7 and IAR Release 3 specifications, so you can be confident that assessment data is being collected and submitted to IAR correctly.

February 2011 – Text Formatting and CCIM Accreditation

This update (4.0.14) introduces text formatting, so you can format the text entered in notes and comment fields. Go to “format” on the button bar and select from the list of options provided. Use features such as headings, underlining, italics, and more to highlight important details and make your text easier to read.

We’ve also added a number of new features related to the OCAN record. The record now contains pre-population functionality, so when you enter a new OCAN, you have the option to copy data from a previous record. You’ll also find:
New OCAN reports
Notification of the 6 month reassessment
Additional validation to improve data quality
We’re excited to announce that we have successfully completely CCIM’s IAR accreditation process, so we’re fully equipped to support organizations participating in IAR. To view our test results, go to https://www.ccim.on.ca/IAR/Private/Pages/Technology.aspx and click on the “Vendor Assessment Testing Summary” links.