2010 Updates

July 2010 – OCAN 2.0

This update (4.0.12) introduces version 2.0 of the OCAN assessment tool. OCAN 2.0 is being rolled out across Ontario through a LHIN-based implementation, beginning in the summer of 2010.

As part of the OCAN implementation, Pirouette also contains functionality for automated data submissions to the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Integrated Assessment Record (IAR).

Several time-saving features have been added to Pirouette’s OCAN record that go beyond the required functionality, such as the ability to select a default mental health service. We’ve also incorporated extensive validation throughout the record, making it more user-friendly and reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.

For details on how to complete the OCAN record in Pirouette, see the related manual here.

February 2010 – More Report Tools and Integrated Assessment Record Support

This update (4.0.11) introduces several new features in this update to help you get the most out of Pirouette’s custom report tools. In addition to the new “Preview Options” section that’s been added to the query file, we’ve provided system queries to help make your query writing easier. We’ve also added export and import functions to the software, so you can exchange queries with other Pirouette users. To learn more about these tools and all the new features, see the related manual here.

This update also includes functionality that supports the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Integrated Assessment Record (IAR). The IAR helps healthcare providers in community-based organizations (currently focused on mental health) and hospitals share patient information through a secure online viewer. Where client consent has been given, participating organizations can upload completed Pirouette OCAN assessments to the IAR data repository, where the data may be accessed by authorized healthcare providers.