2009 Updates

October 2009 – New Custom Report Tools

This update (4.0.10) introduces custom report tools that allow you to create your own queries and reports in Pirouette. Build a query and save it, or publish it as a report for other users to access. You can also combine the results from several queries into a single report.

To learn more about using these tools, see the related manual here.

June 2009 – External Links and OCAN

This update (4.0.9) introduces external links and the latest OCAN (Ontario Common Assessment of Need) tools. The OCAN is still in it’s pilot phase, so please contact us if you are interested in using these tools.

We’ve also made it easier for you to identify a client’s emergency contacts. Emergency contacts are now clearly marked on both the basic and detailed client information summary report. In addition, we’ve updated the contacts section of the client record summary page so that emergency contacts are always listed first, regardless of how many contacts the client may have.