Step 1:  Select Your Hosting Option

To get Pirouette software up and running, it needs to be installed on a server.  This is referred to as hosting, i.e.:  the server the software is hosted on.   You can use Roxy Software’s hosting service, which is the ideal option for most organizations; or you can host the software locally, referred to as self-hosting.

Hosting by Roxy Software

Hosting by Roxy Software provides a number of advantages.

Increased Security:
Our servers are located at a high security colocation facility, thereby alleviating security concerns.

Faster Connectivity for Remote Users:
Hosting by Roxy Software provides the fastest connectivity for Pirouette users at multiple sites and locations.  Our hosting services utilize a powerful internet connection that is up to 200 times faster than a typical DSL or cable connection.  This type of service would be extremely expensive for an individual organization.  With our hosting, you get optimum database performance at a fraction of the cost.

No Need for On-Site IT Support:
If you don’t have on-site IT staff to install and maintain the software, or you lack the appropriate hardware, it is strongly recommended that you consider Roxy Software hosting.  We take care of everything and send you a web link to your Pirouette install.  It’s the hassle-free way to get up and running quickly, and you don’t have to worry about ongoing server maintenance.

Self-Hosting by the Organization

Organizations that self-host Pirouette on their own server need to have IT staff available who can maintain the server on an ongoing basis.

Server Requirements:
Windows 2012 server and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Once Pirouette is installed on your server, it can be accessed remotely from other sites and locations.  There is no need to install additional client software.