Identify and Archive Inactive Client Files:  Archive Tool

The archive tool allows you to archive all the client files that have been inactive for a specified period.  The files are removed from the central list of client files and moved to the archived section of the database.  A client is considered inactive if there are no case notes, in-process referrals, or enrollments entered during the specified period.

To archive a group of inactive client file:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the System section, select Tools, and select Archive Clients.  This will bring you to the Archive Clients helper page.

2.  Enter the desired inactive period (or leave the default period of 24 months) and select the Next button provided; this will bring you to the helper confirmation page.

3.  Check the list of client files to be archived and select the Archive Clients button provided; you’ll receive confirmation that all the files have been archived.

Tip:  even though the file is archived, data from the file will be captured on reports.