OCAN Clients for Reassessment Report

The OCAN Clients for Reassessment report provides a list of clients that are due to have the OCAN at six months completed, based on six month intervals from the date of the client’s Initial Assessment.  If a client’s 30-day assessment period includes the report date, the client will be identified on the report.

To access the OCAN Clients for Reassessment report:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the Reports section, and select All Reports.   This will bring you to the central reports list.

2.  Select OCAN Clients for Reassessment from the list of reports.

3.  Select your report parameters, and select the Generate button.

The “Assessment Interval” indicates the 30-day period during which the client’s assessment should be completed.

Tip:  once a client’s discharge OCAN is completed, the client no longer appears on this report.