IAR Consent Assessment Record

The IAR Consent Assessment record lets you manage and track consent when a client wants the same consent status applied to all OCAN records.  To maintain data integrity, these records cannot be edited once they are saved.

To enter an IAR Consent Assessment record:

1.  Open the client file (MenuClients and Contact PeopleAll Clients), go to the History section, and select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list.  This will bring you to the New History Item Helper which lists all of the available history items.

2.  Select the Assessment history item and select the related “Create” link; all of the available assessments will be listed.

3.  Select IAR Consent from the Ontario Ministry of Health section  and select the related “Create” link.  This will bring you to a new IAR Consent record.

4.  Select the desired consent option; then save and close the record.  OCAN records entered for the client from this point forward will default to the consent option selected in the consent record.

If at some point in the future you wish to change the client’s default consent status for OCANs, enter a new consent record to reflect the change.

Tip:  If a client has a current IAR Consent Assessment with “do not make available to view” selected, it will NOT be possible to set any new OCAN records for the client to “share all information and make available to view” unless/until a new consent assessment is entered which changes the default consent setting.