OCAN Configuration – Default Organization/Program

Use the OCAN Configuration feature to select the default organization/program that will appear when a user enters a new OCAN record.

Tip:  you can only select one default organization/program; if your organization has more than one program using the OCAN, you may prefer not to use this feature.  Also note that once you make a selection, you can remove it – but you’ll be required to replace it with another selection.

To configure the OCAN default organization/program:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the System section, and select Lists.  This will bring you to the central list for database configuration.

2.  Select OCAN Configuration in the list; this will bring you to a new OCAN Configuration record.

3.  Select the Select Organization/Program link provided; this will bring you to the list of LHIN regions.

4.  Select the appropriate LHIN, and use the Next button provided at the bottom of the page to select the organization and program.

5.  When you are finished and the selected organization/program appears on the screen.  If you need to make any changes, use the Select Organization/Program link provided to do so.  Otherwise, save and close the record.