The Organizations list shows all the organizations that have been added to Pirouette.  An organization can be selected in a contact person’s file to show that the person is connected to that organization.  An organization can also be selected in a client file (intake, outbound referral) to show that the client has been referred by/to that organization.

To access the central list of organizations:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the Clients and Contacts section, and select Organizations.

2.  Select the desired organization record to open it.

To add a new organization:

1.  Go to the central list of organizations and select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list to create a new organization record.

2.  Enter the appropriate information for the organization.  If you want the organization to be identified as a hospital throughout the database, select the related checkbox at the top of the record.

3.  When you are finished, save and close the record.