System Preferences (Password Policy)

System Preferences allow you to configure your password policy and the maximum number of rows in Pirouette lists.  To access System Preferences, go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the System section, and select System Preferences.

Password Policy

Use the password expiry field to determine how frequently users will be prompted to reset their password.  Important:  this will not prevent users from logging in with their existing password.

Use the remaining fields in this section to set password requirements so that every Pirouette user has a suitably strong password.


Use this section to set the maximum number of rows (i.e.:  records) that any Pirouette list will show on one page.  When the number of records in the list exceeds the maximum, subsequent records will be listed on the next page.

Example:  if the list is set to 25 rows, the central client list will show a maximum of 25 client files on the first page.  Users will need to go to the next page to view the next 25 client files, and so on.