Global Preferences

The Global Preferences section allows you to configure various data management features that apply to all users.  To access Global Preferences, go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the System section, and select System Preferences.  Scroll down the page to the Global Preferences section.

Enable Access Limits

Access limits allow you to restrict each user’s access to a limited set of client records, based on client program and user position.  Before enabling access limits, you first need to set up the appropriate configuration to identify which programs each position will have access to.  This is covered in Section 4:  Configuring Access Limits.

Show Group Notes in Client Files

By default, Pirouette shows group notes in the client file of every client attending the group.  To exclude group notes client files, uncheck this checkbox.

IAR Consent Default

For organizations that use the OCAN, this feature lets you choose the default consent setting for OCAN records. Note that this is just the default; users will still have the ability to change the consent setting for a client.

Collect MIS-OHRS Service Provider Interactions

This section is for organizations that complete MIS reporting for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  Select this checkbox to make the Service Provider Interactions section visible on the Contacts page in a note record.

Allow copying data from previous OCANs of other types

For organizations that use the OCAN, this feature allows users to copy data from a previous OCAN to a new OCAN of a different type, e.g.:  from an OCAN Core + Self to an OCAN Full.

Organization Details

This information is primarily for internal reference.  The First Month in Fiscal Year field will determine how the fiscal year is defined for reporting purposes.

Consumer Self-Assessment Portal

For organizations that use the OCAN and the related Consumer Self-Assessment Portal, use this section to enter the text that will appear at the portal.  Important: You require a working knowledge of HTML in order to edit this text. If you aren’t familiar with HTML, don’t attempt to edit this text.