Report Building – Part 1

Report queries are used to extract data from the database.  A query identifies the type of data, and the location of the data, that you wish to extract for your custom report.  The query output is read-only, so there’s no risk of accidentally changing or deleting the data in your system.

Complete the following steps in your own Pirouette install to build a report query showing all clients born before a specified date.

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to Reports, and select Create/Edit Custom Reports.  At the central list of query files, select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list to create a new report.

2.  Use the Report Name field to name the query and the related custom report.  Enter Clients Born Before Date in this field.

3.  Use the Query memo field to enter your query code.  Enter the following:

SELECT * FROM tblClient

4.  Select the Preview button in the Preview Options section (beneath the Query memo field) to preview the results:

The query returned a list of all clients in the database.  To limit the results to clients born before a particular date, you need to specify the desired date in the query.

Close the report preview to return to the query-building page, and continue to “Query Building – Part 2” to see how to specify a date in the query.

Tip:  use the Report Description section (beneath the Preview Options section) to provide a description of the report and its intended output.