Report Building – Part 2

Let’s continue building our report query to show clients born before a specified date, by adding the specified date.

1.  Revise your “Clients Born Before Date” query to look like this:

SELECT * FROM tblClient

WHERE colDateofBirth < ‘1970-01-01’

2.  Select the Preview button to preview the modified results:

Your results are now limited to those clients who were born before 1970-01-01.

A custom report based on this query will show all clients born before 1970-01-01, just like the query.  This is useful, but only if 1970-01-01 is the cut-off date.  What if a user wants to modify the output to show all clients born before 1980-01-01 instead?

By adding the appropriate parameter, you can make the report dynamic, giving users the ability to specify any date they want when they generate the report.

Close the query preview to return to the query-building page, and continue to “Query Parameters” to learn how to use parameters in your reports.

Tip:  changing the settings under Preview Options won’t impact your report output unless you add the corresponding fields/parameters to your report.