Publishing Custom Reports

Publishing your custom report adds it to the list of central reports so other users can access it.

We’re going to make some minor changes to our “New Intakes in Period” report referenced earlier in this guide and then publish this report.

1.  Go to the central list of custom reports (Menu, ReportsCreate/Edit Custom Reports) and open your “New Intakes in Period” report; or select the “Create” to create a new report.

2.  Enter/revise your report query to reflect the following:

SELECT tblClient.colFirstName AS [First Name], tblClient.colLastName AS [Last Name]

FROM tblClient

INNER JOIN tblIntake ON tblClient.colClientID = tblIntake.colClientID

WHERE colRequestDate >= @StartDate

AND colRequestDate <= @EndDate

AND tblIntake.colProgramID IN (SELECT colProgramID FROM RelatedProgramIDs(@ProgramID))

Tip:  if you saved this report previously and you haven’t renamed the column headings, you may wish to do that now as shown in the query above.

2.  Select the Preview button to preview the results:

Close the query preview page to return to the query-building page; now we’ll complete the steps to publish the custom report in the All Reports list.

3.  Scroll down to the Publishing Options section and select the Publish Query as Report box to bring the related fields into view.  The “Published Name” is the report name that will appear in the All Reports list; the “Category” is the type of report:

4.  Scroll down to the Report Options section and make your selections for the report’s location, date options, and program options:

Select General as the location, so the report gets added to the All Reports list.

Select Date Range as the date option, so users can select a date range as the reporting period

Select Show Program Selector as the program option, so users can run the report for a specific program.

5.  Save the report. Users will now be able to access the report in the All Reports list.

Tip:  you may have noticed when you were selecting your publishing options that Pirouette allows you to add charts to your reports.  As this is an advanced topic, you may wish to view Pirouette’s report source code to see examples of built-in reports that include charts.

To Access the report:

Go to the central list of reports (Menu, ReportsAll Reports) and perform a search on “New Intakes in Period” to locate the report.  Select the report, select the desired program and date range, and select Generate Report:

The report shows all clients who had a new intake to the program that you selected, during the period that you specified.

Tip:  if you select Employee Reports as the report location, the report will be added to each user’s My Reports as well as the central list of reports.