Resetting Passwords

The Pirouette Administrator can reset any password by going through the user account.  By default, the old password must be entered first.

Important:  the Pirouette Administrator, and at least one backup staff, should have the Reset Passwords permission, which overrides the need to enter the old password.  This is the only way to reset a forgotten password.

To reset a password:

1.  Open the employee’s user account (central menu → System → Users → Active Users) and select Set/Change Password on the main Details page of the account.  This will bring you to the password helper page.

2.  If you have the Reset Passwords permission, you won’t be prompted to enter the old password; simply enter and confirm the new password for the user.

3.  When you are finished, save and close this page; you’ll be returned to the main Details page of the user account.

Alternatively, users can reset their own passwords any time, as long as they enter their old password first.  Users can access the password helper page by selecting Change Password from the central menu: