Password Management – Overview

Important:  passwords can only be changed if the existing password is entered first.  You must have the ‘Rest passwords‘ permission selected in your user account to override this, or else it will be impossible to reset a forgotten password.


Pirouette version 5 passwords expire after 90 days.  After this reset, passwords will expire based on the expiry period set by the organization:

  • Users must be logged in to Pirouette to reset a password.
  • Users can reset their own passwords any time if they enter their existing password first.
  • The Password Policy section (under System Preferences) lets you set an expiry date for passwords.  Users will still be able to login when their password expires, but they’ll be prompted to reset their password.
  • The Password Policy section also lets you set requirements for password strength.

If your organization has upgraded from Pirouette version 4, your passwords will continue to work in version 5.  However, when you reset a password, you’ll be prompted to select one that meets your version 5 Password Policy requirements.

Reminder:  the organization is responsible for managing and resetting passwords, so make sure there are staff with adequate permissions to do this.