Exporting Reports

By downloading a custom report file from Pirouette to your computer, you can send the file to other Pirouette users so they can access the report.

To export a custom report file:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to Reports, and select Create/Edit Custom Reports.

2.  Open the report you wish to export.

3.  Scroll down the page to Export Query to File (under Publishing Options) and select the Export button:

A new browser tab will open with a page showing the export data:

4.  Right-click on this page to get a pop-up menu with save options, and save the file.  You can close the browser tab once the file has been saved.

You can now send the file to other users just as you would send any other type of file, and those users can import the file into their Pirouette database.