Importing Reports

Other Pirouette users can send their custom reports to you as files, for you to import into Pirouette.  You can then run the report in your own Pirouette database.

To import a custom report file:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to Reports, and select Import Custom Reports.  This will bring you to the Import Pirouette Report helper page:

2.  Select the Browse button on the helper page to locate the report file on your computer.  Once you’ve selected file, it will be identified on the helper page.

3.  Select the Next button provided on the helper page to complete the import.  You’ll receive confirmation that the import was successful, and you’ll have the option to immediately import another query file:

You can now go to the All Reports list to select and run the report.

Tip:  if you try to import a report with the same name as an existing custom report, you’ll get an error message on the helper page.  You’ll need to rename the existing report before you can successfully import the new report.