OCAN Full – Part 1:  Creating a New OCAN Record

To create a new OCAN record:

1.  Open the client file (MenuClients and Contact PeopleAll Clients), go to the History section, and select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list.  This will bring you to the New History Item Helper which lists all of the available history items.

2.  Select the Assessment history item and select the related “Create” link; all of the available assessments will be listed.

3.  Select OCAN Full from the Ontario Ministry of Health section and select the related “Create” link.  This will bring you to the New OCAN Assessment Helper page.  If previous OCANs have been entered for the client, they’ll be listed showing the date and OCAN type:

a)  To copy data from a previous OCAN, select the desired record and select the Next button provided.  You’ll receive confirmation that data from the previous OCAN has been copied; select the Next button provided to go to the new, prepopulated OCAN record.

b)  To create a new, unfilled OCAN, select Create a new assessment; and select the Next button provided to go to the new OCAN record.

Pirouette’s OCAN record collects the same information as the hard-copy OCAN.  Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but continue to the next section for more details on how to fill out the OCAN record.