OCAN Full – Part 2:  Filling Out the OCAN Record

Tip:  if you copied data from a previous OCAN record, the new OCAN will be prepopulated with this data; you’ll need to review the record and make changes where needed.

The OCAN Full consists of the:

OCAN Full main page
Consumer Self Assessment
Information Summary page
Staff Assessment (4 pages)
Summary of Actions page
Summary of Referrals page

Use the file menu or the Next/Back buttons to go to different pages of the record.


  • You can save and close the record at any time, and then reopen it later.
  • Use the Cancel Assessment button on the main page to cancel the OCAN at any time (without deleting it); cancelled OCANs will not be submitted to IAR.
  • An asterisk (*) denotes a mandatory field; you won’t be able to mark the OCAN as complete until all mandatory fields are filled in.
  • The Add Item allows you to enter additional fields in a section, e.g.:  an additional mental health functional health centre on the main page.

Consumer Self Assessment

  • The Enable Portal Access checkbox only applies to organizations whose clients enter the OCAN remotely via the Consumer Self Assessment portal.
  • The assessment questions will come into view when you select the checkbox to indicate that the consumer self assessment was completed.
  • If the self assessment is not completed, you must select the reason(s) for this.

Information Summary

  • Tips are provided with some questions for additional clarification.
  • When you select “Yes” for some items (e.g.:  Family Doctor Information), additional fields will appear for you to enter related contact details.

Staff Assessment

  • When you select a domain rating other than “0 – No Problem”, additional questions for the domain will come into view.
  • Information entered in the domain’s Action(s) field will be captured on the Summary of Actions page.
  • When you select certain options (e.g.:  Diabetes in domain 6; “Yes” in the Hospitalized field in domain 7), additional fields will appear for you enter related details.

Summary of Actions

  • This page captures information entered in the Staff Assessment’s Action(s) fields.
  • If you don’t immediately see information listed, select Refresh in the Actions menu after saving changes to update the page.
  • You may prioritize the actions listed in any order you choose.

Summary of Referrals

  • When you make a selection in the Optimum Referral field,  additional fields will appear for you enter related details about the referral.
  • The Previous Referrals section lists previous OCANs and referrals documented in those OCANs.

Marking the OCAN as Complete

  • When you are finished entering the OCAN record, uncheck the Currently In Progress checkbox on the main page and enter the Completion Date. If there are any unentered mandatory fields, you’ll be prompted to enter these fields.
  • Once an OCAN is marked as complete and saved, it is locked.  If the OCAN needs to be changed, a user with delete permissions will need to open the record and return it back to In Progress status.