MIS Reporting Changes 2012 – User Data Entry

Users record their service provider interactions (SPI) in the Contacts section of a note record.  SPI details are only recorded for MIS visits.  This information is used for MIS reporting purposes.

1.  Enter your individual note or group note as usual.

2.  When you get to the Contacts section of the note, go to the Service Provider Interactions section and record each time interval spent with the client and the number of occurrences for each time interval.  Use the “add item” button to record multiple time intervals.  Enter the relevant details for all staff who were present.

3.  When you are finished entering this section, proceed to the Time Spent section of the note.

Reminder:  for MIS reporting purposes, only one (1) visit is counted per client per day per functional centre, regardless of how many visits are documented.