Pirouette’s built-in central reports, with their drill-down functionality, make it easy to review and analyze your data.  You also have the option to add a bar graph or pie chart to some reports, so you can view the data visually.

Tip:  you must have the required permissions to access the built-in central list of reports.

To generate a report:

1.  Go to the Menu at the top of the page, go to the Reports section, and select All Reports.  This will bring you to the central list of reports.

2.  Select the desired report; when the report page opens, select your report parameters, i.e.:  date range, program, chart, etc.  Note that report parameters and graph availability will differ depending on the nature of the report.

3.  Select Generate Report to generate the report output.

4.  Select any of the totals in the report to drill down; this will open a related detail report where you can view all the records associated with that report total.  Drilling down further will take you to the related record.  Close the related detail report or record to return to the main report.

5.  If you change your report parameters and/or chart type, select Generate Report again to view the updated report output.

My Reports

In addition to the built-in central list of reports, every user has access to user-specific reports, i.e.:  a list of reports that generate data pertaining to that user only.  Learn more about these reports in the My Reports section of the guide.

Custom Report Builder

If you are interested in building custom reports for your organization, please contact for more information.