Crisis Call Note:  Contacts and Time Spent

The Contacts page is used to enter details about your client contact.  Access this page by using the Next button when you are at the main crisis note page.

1.  Select “Crisis Call” (or the appropriate option specified by your organization) in the Contact Type field.  Use the related fields to indicate the number of occurrences and who the contact was with.

  • If your contact took place offsite, select the related checkbox; a field will appear for you to enter your travel time in minutes.
  • If there were other staff members present, select the related checkbox; a box will appear for you to identify the other staff that were present.

2.  If your agency has enabled the Service Provider Interactions section, it will appear on the page.  Use this section to indicate the duration of your service activity and how many times this period of time was spent.  Use the Add Item button to record multiple time periods.

3.  Use the Next button at the top of the page to go to the Time Spent page.