Use the Tasks section of your homepage to schedule and manage tasks.  When you log in, the Tasks section lists all of your outstanding tasks and the related due date.  Select any of the tasks listed to open it and view the details.

To schedule a new task:

1.  At your homepage, select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the Tasks section; this will bring you to a new Tasks page.

2.  Enter the appropriate information for your task.

3.  When you are finished, use the Save button to save your work.

4.  Once the task is completed, open the task record and select the Task Completed checkbox; this will remove the task from the list of outstanding tasks on your homepage.

To view a list of all your tasks, go to the Menu at the top of the page, select your name to expand this section, and select Tasks.  All of your tasks, outstanding and completed, will be listed.

Tip:  the Tasks icon provides a shortcut to view a list of all your tasks: