Contact People

Use the Contact People section to identify the contact people for the client such as family members, other service providers, or someone who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

To add a new contact person to the client file:

1.  Go to the Contact People section of the client file and select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list.  This will bring you to the New Contact Helper which performs a search to check if the contact person is already in the system.

Tip:  you can access the New Contact Helper directly from the Client Summary Page by selecting the Create icon in the Contact People list.

2.  Enter some of contact person’s information and click on Locate Contact to perform the search.

If the contact person is listed:  select the contact and select Open Selected Contact to open the record; go to step 4 below.

If the contact person is not listed:  select Create a New Contact to create a new contact record.

3.  Enter the Contact Person page.

4.  Select the configuration link located right beneath the name fields.  This will bring you to the Role page, where you can specify the contact person’s role for the client and if this is an emergency contact.  Emergency contacts will have a red phone icon beside their name on the client summary page.

5.  When you are finished, use the Save button to save your work.

Important:  to disassociate a contact person from a client, go to the contact person’s Role page for the client and delete.  DO NOT DELETE FROM THE CONTACT PERSON PAGE!! – doing so will remove the entire contact record from the database, including the contact person’s association/role with other clients.