Use the Notes section to enter individual case notes for a client.  Once a note is saved, it is locked and cannot be edited; changes can only be made through the addition of an addendum.  Therefore, review your note carefully before you save it.

To enter a case note:

1.  Go to the Notes section of the client file and select the Create icon located in the upper right corner of the list.  Or, go to Actions at the top of the page, go to the New section and select Note.

Tip:  at the Client Summary Page, you can select the Create icon in the Recent Notes list to create a new note record.

2.  Enter the appropriate information – here are some helpful tips:

  • you must select a related program or else you won’t be able to save the record
  • the client’s name will be shown – verify that you’re in the right client file
  • if you need to backdate your note, use the date field to do so
  • saved notes cannot be changed, so review carefully before saving

3.  To record details about your client contact and time spent, use the Next button at the top of the page to go to the Contacts page and the Time Spent page.

Tip:  to make changes to Contacts or Time Spent after the note has been saved and closed, open the note and select Edit Related Contacts and Time Spent on the main note page.