Group Notes:  Contacts

Use the Contacts page within a group note record to enter details about your group contact and time spent.

Use the Contact Type section of this page to identify the type of contact you had with or related to the group.  Select the appropriate option from the pulldown menu and use the related fields to indicate the number of occasions where there was contact and who the contact was with.  Use the Add Item button to record multiple instances of contact.

Important:  enter “1” in the Number box to indicate one occasion of contact (e.g.:  one group session), even if more than one client was present.  Where applicable, the related reports will multiply the number of contacts by the number of clients for whom attendance was taken.  Entering more than one contact will inflate your report totals.

If your agency has enabled the Service Provider Interactions section, it will appear next on the page.  Use this section to indicate the duration of your service activity and how many times this period of time was spent.  Use the Add Item button to record multiple time periods.

Tip:  to make changes to this page (or the Time Spent page) after it is saved and closed, open the note and select Edit Related Contacts and Time Spent on the main note page.