Pirouette Implementation Checklist

Reminder:  if you don’t host Pirouette locally on your own server, some of these items won’t apply to you.

Phase I:  Getting Started

Step 1:  Identify Your Key Roles

IT Contact

Pirouette Administrator

Other Decision Makers

Phase II:  Getting It Up and Running

Step 1:  Get Your Server Ready

Decide on Local vs. Remote Hosting

Verify Your Server Requirements (if hosting locally)

Step 2:  Get Your Workstations Ready

Verify your Workstation Requirements

Remove Pop-up Blockers

Step 3:  Define a Security Strategy

Complete a Security Audit

Purchase an SSL Certificate

Formulate a Password Policy

Step 4:  Get Your Pirouette Database Ready

Get the Database Installed

Configure your Program Structure

Create User Accounts

Configure your Drop-down Lists

Phase III:  Keeping It Running

Step 1:  Collect Accurate and Meaningful Data

Identify Minimum Data Requirements

Establish Common Terms and Definitions

Update Your Data Regularly

Step 2:  Check Your Data

Schedule Routine Data Entry Checks

Schedule Routine Reports

Step 3:  Protect Your Data

Schedule Regular Data Back-ups and Test Restores (if hosting locally)

Step 4:  Define a Support Strategy

Define a Support Strategy and Identify Designated Contacts